Integrated Sustainability Analysis

We develop leading-edge research and applications for environmental and broader sustainability issues, bringing together expertise in environmental science, economics, technology, and social science.

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ISA offers continuing professional development without assessment


ISA are winners in the Australian Museum's 2022 Eureka Prizes, were winners in 2011 and finalists in 2010
ISA are the winners of the Green Globe Awards 2009 Public Sector Sustainability Award

We have almost 20 Information Sheets covering a range of sustainability analysis related topics


Your Carbon Footprint

TBL Course

Balancing Act
A Triple Bottom Line Analysis of the Australian Economy

New report out on the G20's global impact New !

Read ISA's research letter in Nature on how trade drives species threats.

ISA New Information Sheet on Optimum Hybrid Analysis Updated !

Environmental Atlas
of Australia

ISA's Report on Carbon-Neutral schemes

Carbon footprint of the UK

ISA's report on low-carbon electricity supply for Australia (including Appendices) New !

Read ISA reports on nuclear energy, virtual water, leakage from carbon storage, and low-carbon power technologies

Research on shared producer and consumer responsibility

Input into Greenhouse Gas Protocol Technical Working Group discussion on sectoral value chain mapping of emissions by purchased categories

Read ACF's tribute to ISA's work


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