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Input-Output Conference 2010

Tyrone Vilmos Deiye

Mr Deiye has been working with the Nauru Government in matters environment since 1999 as a project assistant, and then became project officer in 2002, and then Director of Projects (Environment) in 2008. He handled many externally funded projects on biodiversity, waste, pollution, energy policy, and environmental legislation.

Mr Deiye studied at the University of the South Pacific (USP), focusing on Climate Change and Vulnerability and Adaptation Postgraduate studies. Later he undertook postgraduate studies at the University of Adelaide on Coastal Management.

In 2010 he was promoted to Secretary for Commerce Industry and Environment, and until 2013 worked with the United Nations Development Programme on Nauru's National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP). In 2013 he established an NGO group which is community based, and became the elected Community Leader for Nauru's Ijuw District. He is currently developing, and working with the community on developmental projects.

Tyrone Vilmos Deiye

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