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Input-Output Conference 2010

Mei Suciyati

My name is Mei Suciyati. I was born on May 17th, 1987 in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. In 2011, I received my Bachelor Degree from the State University of Malang. When I was in college, I joined several organizations focusing on education and social matters. I was also interested in participating in seminars and workshops concerning education, health, women and youth empowerment, economic, social, and political matters since those were flagging topics that are always connected with our daily life. In 2012, I was an English Teacher for first and second grade senior high school students in MAN SAPE. In 2014, I moved to Komodo, an enchanting place to live in. There, I began working as a voluntary teacher in a newly developed school, SMA 5 Komodo. I also joined Loka Ora, a local organization focusing on education and environment. Recently, I have joined the Institut Lintas Studi or ILS, a nongovernment organization in Komodo focusing on non-formal education, law and politics, as well as other social matters. I perform the duties of the Head of Nonformal Education Development. In my spare time, I like doing various things; reading, fiction writing, blogging, and web browsing. I also like architecture and garden designs, and Indie movie making. AKSARA PASIR (Letters of Sand) was my first short movie made in 2012.

I believe that my life is meaningful and will be more if I can contribute more to the environment around me. I also believe that every big dream can be achieved by determination and hard work.

Mei Suciyati

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