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Input-Output Conference 2010

Marie Napip Nickllum

Ms. Nickllum is an experienced and qualified Nurse, Midwifery, Reproductive Health and Community Health Educator (CHW). Her current roles fall in line with the water, sanitation and hygiene portfolio where she has influenced students and local communities to understand the impacts of inadequate sanitation and to invest and improve their Water and Hygiene, taking that holistic approach to Health and wellbeing.

Ms. Nickllum has the following qualifications

  • Master in Health Science - University of Auckland
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Science - University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Education - Health-University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea
  • Registered Midwife - Papua New Guinea Allied Health
  • Registered Nurse - Atoifi Adventist Hospital, Solomon Islands
Ms. Nickllum reviewed and analysed the Current Vanuatu's national policy - Priority Action Agenda (PAA) (2006). The Vanuatu Government has made a commitment to developing a new national development plan for the country that is based on principles of sustainable development to replace the current Priorities and Actions Agenda (PAA) at its expiry date in 2015.Marie analyzed and wrote the Social pillar which also covers Health, Culture and sustainability in Vanuatu (2015-2030). This document carries a motto: "Healthy, Wealthy Vanuatu" which stipulates that if Vanuatu has healthy citizens, they will in turn assist Vanuatu to become economically viable and sustainable.

Ms. Nickllum was involved in a recent World Bank report on private-sector development and women in Vanuatu, which pointed out that "It appears that a variety of obstacles still prevent them from fully contributing to the economy in many parts of the world".

Ms. Nickllum is interested in gaining a better understanding of sustainable environmental and economic development and to increase her capacity to deal with key regional issues such as energy supply, climate change, waste management, poverty reduction, marine parks, biodiversity and their effects on population health. She is therefore very keen to participate in this training opportunity, and return to her work with new ideas and expanded skills to carry out her work efficiently and effectively particularly in Policy Development.

Marie Napip Nickllum

For further information please contact

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ISA, A28
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