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Input-Output Conference 2010

Hermansyah Akbar

I was born and grew up on Komodo Island. I have a conservation degree from the University of Bina Nusantara. Based on my expertise, I was chosen as our local area representative for the Go4BioDiv IUCN Summit in Calcutta, India, and for the WFTGA Tour Guide Convention in Bali, Indonesia. Today I am a teacher in an Environment Program at Canting Exploring Indonesia and the Field Manager for Sekolah Alam ROKA ORA (Nature School). Although many tourists may think that we live in a very prosperous place, there exist many problems facing the local population. These problems are related to the use of limited resources, due to lack of information, as well as a variety of resource access issues. Since I was born I was obsessed with bringing about change on our island; I dreamt that one day Komodo Island will be developed under the guiding principles of sustainable utilization of resources. Today, I sincerely hope to instill the principles of sustainable use into my fellow islanders, so that I can encourage the desire of local communities to use our biological resources wisely, and use nature sustainably for increasing people's welfare.

The prospect of studying in Australia as an Australia Awards Fellow is something that is very unusual and exciting at the same time. My vision is to adopt and develop what I will be learning and disseminate it further in accordance with our island's principles and culture.

Hermansyah Akbar

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