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Input-Output Conference 2010

Basilio Tutai Kaokao

I work for the National Environment Service (NES) as an Environment Officer for the Island of Mauke. I engage in diverse work within the service, such as on biodiversity conservation, marine resources, compliance, nature reserve areas, and I look after the waste disposal on our island. I am also a keen fisherman.

More specifically, I

  • assist in the development of the NES Budget, especially for the island of Mauke;
  • develop and implement the NES Mauke office workplan;
  • provide advice to the Director and Manager for Advsory & Compliance Division on environment-related issues on Mauke;
  • work with local counterparts to deliver public awareness programs for stakeholders and the general community;
  • strengthen the linkage between the Environment Service and other agencies involved in improving the health of the surrounding ecosystems, particularly MMR, Health, NGOs and others.
I have had a central role in the Mauke Harbour and Mauke Water projects, which were just completed in 2013, and in which I was involved right from the start in terms of monitoring the progress and execution of these projects, such as rainfall, water extraction and consumption. He has already professional training in invasive species eradication and in geographical information systems (GIS). I am also running a monthly school educational program where he takes students out into the field or gives lectures on environment-related topics.

Basilio Tutai Kaokao

For further information please contact

Prof Manfred Lenzen
ISA, A28
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