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Consulting @ ISA

ISA - Centre for Integrated Sustainability Analysis

We are a research team at the University of Sydney, bringing together expertise in environmental science, economics, technology, and social science.

Our aim is to continuously develop and improve in a multi- and inter-disciplinary way scientifically rigorous, quantitative, consistent and comprehensive approaches for Integrated Sustainability Analysis.

We develop leading-edge research and applications for environmental and broader sustainability issues, and offer consulting on

  • Triple Bottom Line / Sustainability Reporting
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis
  • Ecological Footprint Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Industry Sector Studies
  • Population Studies
  • National Accounts
  • Education and Resources
  • Economic Systems Research

We have produced groundbreaking reports to major corporations, Federal and State Government agencies, and NGOs in Australia and overseas. For an example of our capability see our report on the Triple Bottom Line performance of Australia's industry sectors Balancing Act.

We have recently provided the greenhouse emissions calculations for the Commonwealth Government's Climate Clever program, covering households and small businesses.

Funded by Defra UK, and in collaboration with Stocholm Environment Institute, we have calculated the carbon footprint of the UK.

In 2006, ISA established a group in the UK (CenSA). which is led by Dr Thomas Wiedmann. CenSA publishes its own reports, for example the very topical Definition of a Carbon Footprint.

Based on the Balancing Act Report, we have developed advanced TBL/Sustainability Reporting software for business: BottomLine3. BottomLine3 has been applied to businesses on Norfolk Island. Click here for a full Triple Bottom Line report.

For further information please contact

Dr Christopher Dey
ph +61 / 2 / 9351-5979
fax +61 / 2 / 9351-7725