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Input-Output Conference 2010

ISA Team Profile

Barney Foran

Barney Foran is an Honorary Fellow at Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. His research interests centre on making the transition to economies and lifestyles that are less impacting on land, water, biodiversity and atmospheric resources. His current research focuses on linking Australia’s need for energy security and emissions reductions while improving economic resilience and equitable lifestyles. He has degrees in agriculture from the University of Queensland and ecology from the University of Natal.

Dr Arne Geschke

Dr Arne Geschke is a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) team working mainly on Input-Output tables. Arne studied Industrial Mathematics in Hamburg, Germany and Bath, UK. After he finished his studies he worked in the car industry in Germany developing mathematical models to simulate engine behaviour.

Prof Manfred Lenzen

Manfred Lenzen is Professor of Sustainability Research at Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. Manfred has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and 15 years of experience in renewable energy technologies. He has undertaken extensive experimental research on passive solar architecture. He is an international leader in economic Input-Output Analysis and Life-Cycle Assessment, is Associate Editor for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Economic Systems Research. He has contributed major methodological advances as well as numerous applications, in particular on embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

Arunima Malik

Arunima Malik is a Research Associate in the ISA team. She is working on carrying out full-chain sustainability analysis of potential Bioenergy industries in Australia, using environmental input-output analysis for regional bioenergy system modelling. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Genetics) with Honours in Plant Cell Biology and Masters of Teaching (Secondary). Prior to joining ISA, she worked in a molecular biology laboratory extracting and analysing DNA of model plants. She also worked as a secondary school Science teacher.

Dr Joy Murray

Joy Murray is Senior Research Fellow at Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. She joined the group in 2003 as manager of a two-year action research project working with representatives from business and industry, government and non-government organisations to develop a user-friendly software tool driven by the ISA TBL methodology. Joy is also working with residents of government housing estates in Eastern Sydney on a project to build leadership capacity. In a previous life she was the New South Wales manager of the state government’s IT training strategy for teachers. Her PhD from Wollongong University centered on teacher learning.

Prof Keisuke Nansai

Keisuke Nansai is Visiting Professor of Sustainability Research at ISA. He is visiting from the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, where he is a senior researcher. Since completing a PhD in Energy Science, he has been working on environmental emission accounting, life cycle assessment, material flow analysis and input-output analysis. His current research interests are the quantitative analysis and policy assessment of global resource supply chains, using input-output models and network theory. Keisuke is also a member of the nominating committee of the International Society for Industrial Ecology.

Dr Fabian Sack

Fabian Sack is an Honorary Associate with ISA. He has led a number of Australian water industry sponsored projects with ISA, including the first corporate ecological footprint calculation using an input-output approach, as well as Australian Research Council funded research into broadening and deepening the footprint methodology. Fabian has held senior private and public sector roles working on sustainability and stakeholder engagement in the Australian water, infrastructure and energy sectors. He has a PhD from Wollongong University on corporate environmental ethics and has contributed to a number of journal articles on water industry footprinting and the allocation of responsibility using input-output analysis.

Dr Tommy Wiedmann

Dr Thomas (Tommy) Wiedmann is an Associate Professor and leader of the Sustainability Assessment Program in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW. He has long-standing expertise in integrated sustainability assessment and environmental footprint analysis. His main research question is how to achieve human wellbeing without increasing environmental impacts. Tommy develops and applies environmental input-output analysis as part of a holistic concept to life cycle assessment, industrial ecology and sustainable consumption and production research.

Tommy is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and has collaborated with ISA on many projects and publications. In 2008 he led a joint research project that produced the first time series of the UK's national carbon footprint, based on ISA's MRIO methodology. Tommy is also Director and Head of Research at the Centre for Sustainability Accounting (CenSA) in York, UK.